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Because there's a little wolf in every dog  

Natural Ingredients 

100% natural sun dried roo skin 

Our wolf chews are 100% natural sun dried roo skin.   All we do is peg the skin out in the sun to dry, then cut it into chews……… 

OK, so technically there’s a bit of sunshine in them as well.

Good for your dog
Good for the environment

They are a by product of our Government controlled roo harvest, we harvest the animals to produce meat and turn the skins into Wolf Chews for your dog. 

NO chemicals   NO additives
     dogs love them 

Roo Pelvis 

Roo Ribs 


Roo Pelvis and

Roo Ribs  

We process for human consumption and value add the by-products for your pet.   So you can be sure your pet is getting the healthiest options available.  All our products are air dried to lock in the goodness with no artificial preservatives or additives, just as nature intended.  100% Australian

All prices include postage within Aust and GST


Debra and Iggy 

My dog loved the wolf chews and trotted off with a big grin on his face to tear and munch on it


Sarah - Poppy and Nero  

My two girls really enjoyed their Wolf Chews....made from 100% natural dried kangaroo skin. 
I love this product for something different to give my fur babies as a treat. Super economical too. 
Thankyou !! xo

Please see our Facebook page for more customer reviews  .


Yoki and Fluffy 

I have finally found something safe, natural, fluffy. My puppy loves it!! (He is super fussy) Even better it’s local sustainable produce and it won’t leave any mess. Thank you:):)

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