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Will the fur hurt my dog ? 

Quite possibly it will do your dog some good. There's an old farmers tale that roo fur is a good antheiminthis

(something that kills worms). regardless, there's no chemicals, just natural fur and dogs have been eating fur for hundreds of years.  

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What's in other chews ? 

Many other chews, especially rawhide ones, have lots........... 

and lots of chemicals. They use chemicals to remove the hair.  These chemicals can be quite bad for dogs.    


What's in our chews ? 

Wolf Chews are roo skin, nothing else. No  additives, no chemicals.

 100% natural.

All fun

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Are they safe for small dogs?


In fact small dogs and fussy dogs love them. 

MIly was one of our Wolf Chew dog trial judges ( we gave them to her to test out for us and as you can see on her video  on our Home Page that   she loves them.  

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Where does the hide come from ?

We process kangaroos for meat under Government license, the hides are a by-product. 


Is it safe for them to eat more than one at each sitting ?

For some dogs they seem to take days and days to eat their chew. They love to play with it, then chew off the fur and then start chewing at the hide. So we guess that they last for many sittings.