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100% sun dried kangaroo hide.

Air Dried roo skin,  


No chemicals, No additives.100% Natural. All fun. 


This unique dog chew will unleash the Wolf in any dog, they will love it. 


We process kangaroo for meat under Government license the hides are a by product of this operation. 


Min purchase 3 chews ( One Pack). 


Each chew is approx 20.9cm in size, a little smaller than an A5 envelope. 

Wolf Chews (3 in Pack)

SKU: 0003
  • The Wolf Chew is 100% kangaroo hide. The hide is pegged out in the sun and dried. Totally old school goodness for your dog. 


    There are no chemicals or additives in the Wolf Chew. 


    The wolf chew hide still has the fur attached as we believe this adds extra goodness for your dog. There is an old farmers tale that roo fur is a good anthelminthic (something which kills worms). 


    All chews carry some choking risk, we believe our Wolf Chews are no worse or better than any other chew in this regard however as with all chews, consumption should be supervised.

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